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We're here to help with designing neighborhoods

Designing and building one house by itself is daunting enough, but when you’ve been tasked with designing and constructing an entirely new neighborhood or other residential development, daunting is a rather weak word to describe the task you have sitting before you. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. That’s why Neighborhood Design Center was created—to help make the initial task of designing your first full neighborhood as an architect and/or urban planner that much easier for you.

Your Impact

Designing neighborhoods and your impact

The neighborhood you plan will endure for years to come, so you of course want to be certain that you build a neighborhood that encourages positive upkeep and high quality of life for the businesses and families who move in to the area you are developing. Your design choices will have lasting impacts for years in the future, especially more social impacts than you may realize. It’s best to prepare a design with positive impacts for the residents of the neighborhood you will design!

A Starting Point

A starting point for designing neighborhoods

We hope that this website will give you a good starting point, a springboard, a direction. Let your natural talents and personal style take it from there. We’re here as a help, a boon, a checklist to make sure you’ve asked the right questions when planning whatever you have so far. So pull up a chair and a drafting pencil, jot down anything that comes to you, and get ready to design a masterpiece neighborhood! Welcome to the Neighborhood Design Center.

A Reference

A reference for designing neighborhoods

Whether you’ve been hired to plan an extension of an existing subdivision or you’re starting an entirely new neighborhood in a vast patch of vacant land in the middle of nowhere (but not for long, obviously), Neighborhood Design Center is here as a helpful reference point and starting springboard where the daunted urban planners, architects, and other designers of neighborhoods can come to get their bearings and have a clean slate and a clear head to plan that gorgeous new area.

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